Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Sunflower Cake With Sunshine In Our Hearts

As the stem & leaves were being squiggled the Dr. Seuss song was running through my mind sung to me by our two grandchildren. Also, dear Vincent, his lovely sunflowers too were an influence. To this day I can barely look at a sunflower without remembering his mark on their dignified, ruggered & graceful beauty.

Stevie Wonder said it about the best, so there's no debate on his choice of words. Our granddaughter turned eight years old on February 29th. Since a few days following the snowtober storm here in our neck of the woods, I was asked by my granddaughter to make a sunflower cake for the family birthday party. In all honesty I haven't made a themed cake since my sons were very young. At first it was a lttle daunting. Those little questions that tend to plague- Will the cake stick too much to the pan to make it a disasteour? Will it dry out & burn?Turn yucky baked in the new pan due to the fanning out of a spray of thin petals? Just a few questions, silly sounding I'm sure, but when you're a Nana, & your granddaughter is counting on you, there's no room for failure, & one must continue to bake on.

And thus we've arrived, & it was worth it, so very much so!

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