Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Going Retro

     We're beginning the process of doing a little house cleaning. Our out of town fam*~xo, are coming in tomorrow for an extended visit. We haven't really gotten into the heavy duty house cleaning since the winter holidays, & here it is March. Though it's been one of the snowiest winters in the northeast, in all honesty, thankfully for us the complaints on this end, as of yet have been minimal. We're still healing from the loss of my husband's brother. Rich was the oldest of my husband's siblings, & not a day goes by without us having him in our thoughts. With each passing of a loved one we are forced to face our own mortality. To live on. To the fullest.

     It took my husband S* a really long time to get us hooked back in with a turntable, but with persistence, & patience our collection of albums once again are fully assessable. CD's will never quite do it. We the peeps of the 60's Generation like our music on vinyl. This morning S* flipped on Fleetwood Mac's Rumors, which is a fave album. We saw them in concert at UCONN in the mid 70's. All I could say is they were, & are consistently awesome!

     So far our one person plow team is doing ok, that's my husband S* of course. The truck he uses is thirty years old. No heat, no dashboard, a kaput exhaust, but all four tires are armed with chains. It's gladiator time fighting the elements. He's also got his nifty-iffy cell phone in case there's a problem. Getting stuck due to a steep curve is a dreaded event, & at times a frequent occurrence. On the up side we're not complaining [as of yet], for the skiing's been great! 

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