Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Big Bird's Main Man

     We were in that audience on Saturday February 28th we treated ourselves to a thrill~n~a half~!


     As parents starting out in the early 70's Seaseme Street was a mainstay in our family's TV viewing. In the early 50's just out of being toddlers my husband, I & all the kids we knew were weaned on television. Howdy Doody, Roody Kazootie, Winky Dink are just a few of our very first viewings. Later on Flippy The Clown, Captain Kangaroo, & Mickey Mouse Club. TV occupied a large space in our collective lives. No matter the section of the country, or which neighborhood we lived I could pretty much say 99% of us were tuned in.

     Carroll Spinney's documentary movie,  I Am Big Bird was presented to our community for it's premier showing this past Friday February 28th at our beloved local Bradley Playhouse.

     I of course was aiming to go, & my husband gave me a why not. Luckily tickets were still available when I called that Saturday morning. I had a choice between the far back seating on the first floor or the balcony. I chose the balcony which proved fantastic & fun!

          That's Caroll Spinney, Big Bird's main man, doing-

Oscar The Groch.

     There was a reception with fantastic refreshments donated by the generous restaurants in downtown Putnam. My husband S* shared a taste of his cream puff with me. I was still in line heading towards the stage area. My aim was to meet Carol Spinney just to say hi. S* the quick one of our twosome broke into a long going conversation in the receiving line which helped make it possible for me to meet the man of the hour. It was a sweet thrill, & most heartwarming. I thanked him for all the enjoyment he's given us on behalf of our three sons & our grandchildren too. He then turned to me as I was walking away, & in his Big Bird voice called out,  Say hello to your sons & your grandchildren for me!" OMG, it made my day~xo!

   I Am Big Bird is a must see documentary. It holds much more than any of us would imagine. We laughed, we cried. It's a powerfully sweet story that any person could relate to. 

Caroll Spinney is 82 years young. With his unique personality he continues to give life to Jim Henson's Big Bird. A most loving vibrant soul. A man for all seasons who continues to touch hearts.


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