Friday, January 9, 2015

The Twists & Turns Of The Human Mind

      My O my where the mind takes us! All the highways, & by ways of our inner twists & turns. We can be content & happy one moment, & in a flash a thought may occur of a situation in which we know we shouldn't go. Our knowledge of the mind's power is only a minuscule. We're tapping at the surface. How exciting it must be studying & making discoveries in the field of mind science. For the non science based thinker it's exciting too! We all in our moments come upon our intuitive discoveries. When this happens it's like discovering gold. We're no longer the fool in the desert who rushed off without water.

     In the meantime we continue to challenge & test ourselves. For me life experiences + absorbing & traveling through life + learning from one another= effective problem solving. I'm certainly no expert & would never say this is the way. But it's my method no matter how frustrating & confusing it can feel. I have never known an elephant that can be swept under a rug. Besides if something is weighing me down the best thing I can do has always been to appreciate what it is. No matter the pain. To work on releasing it no matter how hard. During this process keeping the heart open to all that is positive & beautiful in the spirit of love, nature & creativity is the way of this turtle. In mathematics problems are solved. In life challenges are overcome. In overcoming it is best to remain fit. One step at a time, with the care of the self a top priority.

Today's photograph is from MOMA the Museum of Modern Art, 11 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019

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