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Doing Small Things With Great Love

 Doing Small Things With Great Love


How I Spent My Summer Vacation

     Am pretty much coming out of the gate here stating first & foremost that truly I am not, & never have  been a summertime gal.  Spring & autumn, now those are my true seasons!  It's the time of year when usually, but not always of course; here in the northeast the weather more often than not is mild, & the colors fantastic.  Spring blooms are generally a bit more subtle then her summertime sisters, but I think that's probably because in the spring there are overall less flowers, & the plants that do bloom tend to be delicate in nature. When we get a backlash of frost or torrential rain, which we almost always do then it's-  here today & gone tomorrow!  In New England we tend to slide into autumn on a gentle breeze, or a cold crisp night, & if all the elements are perfecto the colors will not disappoint!

     Since my mother's major decline two years ago, my own personal day to day living a life situation has finally reached a more even level.   My personal state of mind had become clouded with an immense sense of conflict. The aspect of love had & remains key, but it was the overwhelming spurts of despair of trying to figure the best way to go forward in a maze that had no road map. To be truly honest am unable to think of an offspring of a mother figure from my own mother's side of the family who's relationship with their daughter had not been clouded with turmoil.  In regards to myself & my mother, great strides have been made over a lifetime of overcoming the traumatic stress.  When necessary I remind myself that that was then, & to actively engage my mind in the exercise of forgiveness, even if she knows no better in the present.  I keep this quote by Mother Teresa right next to my desk & reread it quite often.  It truly is the best of what I am capable, & for this I remain truly grateful- 
 Do small things with great love.

     The spare room that I do most of my writing in, or put together a quick artistic craft project, has had many lives.  Originally it was the master bedroom in our cottage sized home.  As our family grew it became obvious that a few more rooms would provide much needed breathing space.  So this original master bedroom then became a traditional room of bunk beds for two of our younger sons.  It continues to be a space with options; home office, guest room, whatever the need may be.


My next entry here at the Peace Garden is being mulled over as we speak.  A lot of loose ends have come together since summer, & presently am involved in some heavy duty personal feng shui oriented space clearing.  No one ever said it was ever going to be easy, & realistically it's an excellent thing to do rather than allowing oneself to remain stuck in mindful clutter.   Yes even this cleaning out process has it's treasures.  Yup a good tale or too!

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