Tuesday, October 8, 2013


     We've been recycling for decades now.  It stuck me as rather strange some of the rules & regs of this so called earth friendly venture.  Certainly it's understandable that certain items such as electronics do not get mixed in, but the following items such as-

wax paper
paper pet food bags
 plastic silverware
 trash & zip lock bags
cereal box bags
bubble wrap
potato chip bags
window pane glass

just to name a few.  Let's get real here.  Isn't it the 21st Century?  If an item is unacceptable for recycling, then it's time to phase it out.  Use an earth friendly material in it's place.  Walking away will never solve it.  

Some may think of it as a game...

  One planet, one world.    


Why are we here?

What are we doing?

  Where are we going?

What is our purpose?

Do we get it?

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