Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our New House Has A New Home

The Process For Our New House 

     Well here it is another bright sunny day.  Am about to leave the nest to visit a friend, but before stepping out wanted to be sure to show & tell regarding the newest addition to our Peace Garden.  It was a rather involved process, but what can I say truly-  my husband is brilliant!

     Not only did he hand build our cottage-like house here in the woods in which we've lived for near thirty years.  Self taught I must add, but also handcrafted the beautiful peace pole that our community uses for events such as the International Day Of Peace, of which we just recently celebrated.  Here he is checking out the ground in which we are attempting to plant & secure our new birdhouse.  We have loads of ledge here, & also live in a wintry frost zone, not as severe lately due to climate change nonetheless the deeper the pole gets placed the better.

A time consuming labor of love.  Not for the backbreaking digging & all, but for the process of the message...

The glow of the day lingers.  Often times it feels like we stand alone on issues that we know are just & right.  Our own truth.  In all honesty having grown up in the 60's there's much to be thankful for, for since then a main theme has true with me.  It may have been said by an unknown child & repeated over & over, but it remains & will remain forever more-

War is not healthy for children and other living things.


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