Thursday, June 18, 2009

May Was A Busy Month For Moi' & June Is Blooming Along*

May is so long away now, & Gemini will soon be coming to an end.  There has been so very much going on in my small cosmic life, & "small is beautiful!"  May is always busy for us with Mothers Day, our eldest son's, my mother-in-law's [may she rest in peace], & my birthday, along with the observance of Memorial Day, all in the month of May.  My husband of what is to soon become 39 years of marriage on June 21st, gave me the thumbs up in mid-May to have a pretty good sized Garden Party.   He was in the works of attempting to pull off a surprise party for an up coming birthday of mine, but I got wind of it, being I work some weekends.  It ended up that when I got wind of the planning it appeared that the date wasn't going to work for all of my extended family, who due to important job commitments & or final exams many miles out of state, everyone could not gather together on the same date with enough ease for me to not have a "mommy worrisome meltdown".  So rather than agonizing over the traveling issues, we instead planned to celebrate over various different dates with whoever could visit when it was right.  I gently reminded myself of something I had learned some 20+ years ago at a Day For Women Conference at my University.  As woman, as mothers, yes we can--  "have it all", but we can't have it all, all at once.  So with that teaching at the back of my mind, I smiled inside my heart & gratefully counted my Blessings.

The Garden Party that we hosted was given to honor our family & friends.  It was a true Blessing to welcome to our modest hand built cottage in the woods, the people who have given our lives that special zing, that helps to make life truly worth living.  A garden is certainly a great metaphor of life, its starts out small, everything that grows has it's own nature with it's own unique needs & requirements.  Some flowers & plants are more delicate, interesting or more beautiful to the human eye.  Some intrigue you with their alluring scents, others are extremely fascinating in their physical sculptural form.  While still some flowers are under appreciated & labeled as weeds.  Various plants have similar requirements for light, nutrients & soil, while others are known to be fussier, & more of a challenge.  There are plants that like to grow in clusters & clumps & even partnered with plants that seem so opposite to their nature, & some just like to have their own space, & if you take good care of them & trust them they too will mature.  In my view raising a family & growing forth as human beings is very much like a garden.  For everything there is a season, & everyone flowers in their own unique time.  A quality garden takes time, patience, love & care.  It's been a wet spring here in these here hills & my garden is growing like a rain forest, any day now it will be time for our Annual Yuka Festival, now that, that is really something.

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