Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21st, 2009 Marks Our 39th Wedding Anniversary & With A Fathers Day Bonus*

Yes, we are definitely opposites as my tooth pasting  husband  reminds me with a clip.  Some days around here are definitely from a sit com,  Seinfeld & Larry David,--  we've got a few scripts for "yaz":  

Today it is 39 years for the Baby Boomers who reside in these hills.  Pretty fine accomplishment being we've both come from several generations of divorced parents & grandparents too.  One of our finest joys is to be able to show our children & grandchildren that "yes" marriage can & does work, but not without a lot of hard work.  We're no Pollyannas to that thought concept, at times the hard work was really hard, but ultimately well worth it. We're not "The Waltons" by any means or the other TV family from "Father Knows Best", [as much fun & enjoyment they were to watch].  We are who we are, an interfaith family that hand carved it's own road into the future, ultimately that's what each & every newlywed couple is required to do, we just had a few statistical chips stacked in a direction to more readily lean us off the side of the road, thank goodness during those off centered times we always returned to the main core of why we chose each other to marry--  love & mutual respect.   In a Fairy Tale it all sounds so simple, but real life is far more complex than that.  We take "all" of who we ever were, with us at all times as did, Siddhartha.  

When we are able to do something with any of our adult children & the multi-generational extended family we've become, I am always thankful.  For in all honesty to make a marriage work, to become long term, the couple, especially if there has been generational divorces on branches of the tree-- the couple must be "self taught",  having learned all to well, what definitely will cause a failure, as we've both witnessed that from the ground up, the rather dumpy corner of the garden lacking in essential nutrients for growth & health.  Good fodder for Broadway & the arts, for from many of those ashes & compost heaps, great art has been known to come.  How else would so many of us cope, "Viva la Art!"  

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