Friday, June 26, 2009

The Heart Of The Matter, "We Are The World, We Are The Children" Michael Jackson We Will Miss U*

Yesterday 6/25/09 at apx. 5:10pm my husband & I were at a TGI Fridays waiting for our son, daughter-in-law & granddaughter, they were dropping our grandson off at an end of the year party at his friend's house.  Today was to be their last day of kindergarten, & with summer vacation on the horizon they were to all celebrate becoming 1st graders!  By the time the five of us were sitting together the news of Michael Jackson was on the TV at the restaurant. There was the emergency vehicle in front of the Jackson residence, with also a helicopter view.  The news of his being transported to the hospital, the news of the coma, then suddenly the news of his death.

Here in New England we have been dealing with gray skies, cloudy weather & rain upon rain, for weeks.  "It's feels like we are living in a cloud."  I would say every day, [not complaining mind you as I can't tolerate our hot humid summers], just merely in awe of the weather which of course we have no control, only to observe, remark, study & report, & also no control as to who becomes our pop stars as to how they live & how they die.  The grayness of the cloud went poof, as did the colors & vitality of Michael Jackson's young life.  

I enjoyed the artistry of Michael Jackson & loved his beginnings with his fam* The Jackson Five.  Everyone knew bits & pieces of their childhood, the overbearing stage father, & that kind of info.

William Shatner's, Denny Craig from an episode of Boston Legal had said it well, "We are all victims of our childhood."  It is no different for any of us in that regard, that can't be escaped, we can only, with dedicated determination, with the strength of our spirits-- overcome it, & learn to heal.  One can't help but wonder the extent of the abuse Michael Jackson must have experienced which was probably the main contributor to some of his more bizarre & questionable behaviors in the past decade or so.  The abuse a person received as a child in no way makes them unaccountable for how they choose to behave once an adult, it only explains it.

Michael Jackson, the immensely creative genius that he was, like many fell victim to his childhood, sadly as his star descended into free fall, it fell hard, final & shocked us all.  His recorded record of artistic contribution will forever be a part of our civilisation's pop culture, this his larger than life Michael Jackson, of which he gave us, it is this, that a majority of the world, will always love.

The "What ifs..."  I tend to think, run through the mind of a life long care taker & the, "if onlys..." If only he had a permanent psychiatrist/counselor, an expert in the kind of mental health condition that he must have suffered from all his life.  If only he had the benefit of this expertise & somehow listened to sound medical advise.  We all know that is not always possible, for once a person becomes a legal adult, unless a court declares that they are harmful to themselves or others, they don't have to listen to anybody, not even the sane & responsible side of who they are.  Through all the creative genus that he was, he seemed troubled & alienated over the past years, a lonely soul in a world filled with love & hate.

Michael Jackson, may you rest in peace.


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