Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some Things Never Get Easier*--

There's a beauty to joining new groups, as time goes by & one becomes comfortable within themselves in newer settings, the familiarity with the mingling of personalities distill. Seemingly in most human systems there are those invisible/internal lists, those pecking orders, alliances & loyalties.  {Sounds a bit like the modern day "Survivor" TV program.  I'm sure that's a main reason why it has been so successful for so long.} Therefore there should be no surprise to discover from time to time when the exclusion or two takes place.  In this society it is the norm, in other more inclusive societies it is the ab norm.  Our societal norms present at times as--  head games, pecking orders & power plays & no matter how many decades a life is lived it all can become relevant again, like a grade school child, excluded from the list, bringing reminders of one's adolescent time.

If one can hold on to themselves, & hold steady to the ground, that may or may not help.  As people our natural instinct is to belong, why else do we join groups?, & when we don't make the cut is it necessary to allow those old feelings to rise up again?  Probably not.  It's not who does & does not accept us we've often told our kids, for self acceptance is the key.  Once in awhile the key gets rusty, it enters the lock with long ago feelings of resistance, the not fitting in familiar feel raises up.

Stand strong, stand tall, know that your knowing is but another key & this too shall pass.  It is in the stardust of our possibilities that we are meant to dwell, for God is with us & we belong in the beauty of a chaotic universe. 


{My aim is to live a spiritually heartfelt, honest life-  to live as my Rabbi Alan Ullman taught- "my  truth".  On my google home page today is the daily quote from Confucius, it reads: "Forget injuries, never forget kindness." It is an excellent philosophy & to do it, in it's self is a true exercise of love, compassion & peace.  What would the Dali Lama do---  as I too will strive....  baby steps.... 


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