Thursday, April 9, 2009

After Experiencing A Sedar For The First Night Of Passover, A New Train Of Thought Is Added To My Experience---

Several years ago my husband & I attended a Passover Sedar hosted by the Chabad Community in the area of where my mother lives.  We returned again yesterday evening as guests of this warm hearted & generous community, of whom we thank today.  

As always the central theme of Passover is the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt & our wandering in the dessert for 40 years.  The topic of Egypt & our leaving this land thousands of years ago, to this day is a very foremost exercise in working through our attachments--- for when we leave this world the only attachment I have learned along this journey that is to be meaningful & everlasting is our relationship with God.

Several days ago when I experienced a sense of exclusion through an aspect of language people have been known to communicate through, for it was evident with visible cues yet very suttle, my radar picked it up.  On the broad scheme of things truly it is not a crucial element to the purposeful life I focus on & aim to lead, though it was very painful to live through at the time. Ultimately Passover reminds me of the reason why I'm here, where I am going & how to get there.  It is no wonder that it has been my favorite holiday since my early days in my Grandmother's kitchen on the Lower EastSide of New York.

I wish you all an enlightening Passover Season, & may your journey out of Egypt bring you strength in knowing there will always be a way to overcome whatever your Egypt may be-- "keep the faith" & help one another, for we won't get there alone, & even if we did something would seem amiss, for it can feel very overwhelming in the dessert as it's elemental forces can & have been devastating to those who are not prepared to learn.

My Confucius quote today reads--- "Heaven means to be one with God"

I will always remain hopeful that we all have the ability to be kinder than not, we have nothing to loose.  A most simple yet beautiful song that Jewel composed & sang some years ago will forever remain true--  "Only Kindness Matters".

A Healthy & Happy Holiday Season to you all--  To *All Faiths of your own personal faith based Holiday, for we are of One Heart, the Human Heart.


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