Sunday, April 19, 2009

All Roads Lead To Spring*

This past week had certainly had it's highs & lows.  I worked my usual Mon.-Wed. & on Thursday my husband & I went into Hartford to meet with the gal who is in charge of the volunteers at the Mark Twain House.  She was delightful to meet with & she certainly is an excellent ambassador for this wonderful living museum.  My husband is sooo the Hartford guy, he loves Hartford & it's interesting history.  It will be exciting to become part of this great fabric of our capitol city learning about & then teaching others about Twain will definitely provide future trips into the city to relish. I will definitely post my Twain episodes as they arise as they should be very interesting.  

I was able to get out & visit with a good friend for one of those country walks also this past week, that too was enjoyable.  The part of the week that seems to be a bit of a blur is my having had to deal with a rather obnoxious politician in our town.  He's the Second Selectman & has a reputation as quite the instigator.  He often times yells, & insults people when they don't agree with him.  He's also know to write these opinion pieces in the local papers about people he disagrees with often stating half truths which of course then become untruths.  So since this past Friday I've been rather consumed by putting together my own rebuttal letters, 2 letters with at least 2 drafts each.  A very time consuming process, but very important for we all learned the hard way when John Keary did not rebut the Swift Boat lies quickly enough or when Lee Atwater would just spin damaging lies against an opponent.  I'm no body's opponent, am not & never will run for any office.  I am the Chairperson of our town's Conservation Commission, but even for a Second Selectman here in this New England town, our small advisory powerless commission has become target of this Dickens ish  type man on several occasions.  We all know about the pen & the sword, but not everyone that uses the pen has kind or fair intentions.  Some of these people you can tell right away by their behaviors are still very, very angry from long ago childhood traumas.  It is no reason to pick fights & lash out at others, but I've seen it time & time again & unfortunately it is a part of the human condition that will be with us for a long time.  This is of course an imperfect world & human beings are flawed, yet as these things work their way through in our society it is so important to keep ourselves level headed & in the process not allow ourselves to be bullied.  Quite the challenge & my aim is to meet it.  The balance is so delicate in regards to how to deal with these types of individuals, but it can be done & must be done.


{As none of us can do this alone, it will be with God's love, grace & guidance that I will meet this new challenge.  *Amen, *Amen, *Amen}

*This "post's" post script--  Though this blog's title is of peace, it does become necessary for me to contemplate, think & to express thoughts on topics that at times do not initially give me peace.  I have found when I face these issues & practice dealing with them honestly, openly, & with my truth I do at times experience those moments of true clarity & when that happens I feel the sunshine and I am at peace.  May peace be with you.

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