Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Valentine's Day 2009*

When you've been married as  long as my husband & I have the main theme for a holiday that has a "Heart" at it's center is ---"Love, Love, Love..." Today we visited with our son, daughter in law  & our two grandchildren.  Saturdays are the next generation of gymnastics for our grandson, & the very first generation of ballet for our granddaughter.  It's been a true blessing & joy to experience their enthusiasm & delight with their involvement in learning these new athletic skills. 

After a Valentine's Day lunch together at Rein's Deli, an outing out for our grandson's hair cut, we headed back to their home base for a short visit as no visit can be complete without some playful joking, singing & a story too.

The traffic out & about today was jam packed in the burbs & my husband & I definitely wanted to get in a movie before heading back to our neck of the woods, our son recommended--"Coraline" it is done in D3D, & is *Excellent!  It is a PG & that is a most accurate rating as there are some pretty dark & scary parts, but the story line & theme is most complete & the characters are very sophisticated & well developed.  We give this movie an A+ as it surprised us as being such an excellent pick.  The visuals of this movie in D3D were superb, & wearing the D3D glasses were fun, but ultimately it was a movie that certainly sets a new standard, as Disney's "Snow White" did when it originally came out as the first full length, colored, animated movie did, ground breaking.  

Let's hear it for a day with our family, & our jaunt to the movies, & may our economy keep on, keeping on, hopefully for the better.  We know this is an uphill trek as our economy is in very poor shape, but we're all in this together, except for that 1% at the top, so let's do what Tavis Smiley says-- & "Keep the faith."  It won't be easy, but we will continue to make our government accountable & never loose hope for we are-- "Of the people & by the people".

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