Monday, February 9, 2009

Always Gazing At The Sky, Homeward Bound, Day Is Done*

Tonight when I arrived home from work I knew it would be an evening of some orbiting-  we had our oil burner worked on & the scent of "black gold, Texas T" filled the house to the extend that I truly wondered where we would spend the night. So after a rather anguished telephone conversation with my husband I opened some windows, & agreed to meet him for dinner out.  Not exactly what I had in mind for a Monday night after getting back into the rhythms of the work a day world, but nonetheless it was an excellent solution & our evening proved most relaxing.  Since we met at a local restaurant we traveled in separate cars, it was then I decided to let myself stop along the way to capture the glow of the moon in the cold February night sky.  As simple as these photos are, to me the far away glow is a reassuring reminder that no matter how hectic a day can be, when we can finally arrive home, it is the simple things that replenish & calm us the most.  

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