Sunday, February 15, 2009

"I Am A Simple Gal & I Sing A Simple Song..."


Was it Jackson Brown who sang-- "I am a simple man & I sing a simple song..."?  Who ever sang it & put it out there for our collective consciousness certainly sang it right & isn't that just about everyone?  I know it suits me to a "t", as I walk along my path in life, certainly it's different & unique to me, but there will always remain that commonality-- the respect for the beauty of nature, the marvel & wonder--  if this tree could think & feel what would it be thinking to it's self now & way back several hundred years ago?  I consider this beautiful tree & it's brethren my good friends, for they continue to live & breathe at the highest of levels purifying our atmosphere, sheltering us from the sun with it's shade & rooting us to the soils we walk upon.  The most perfect of friends, speaking & doing no evil, but unfortunately seeing & hearing much.  I've been called a "tree hugger" by some at the higher echelons of our small local government, call me what you will.  I figure to be a "friend of the earth" & a "friend to the trees", at least I continue to aim high, God willing, & please "Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive...."  I prayerfully hope to continue to try.       *Amen*             {This beautiful Oak is known as "The Secret Tree" we think it's a White Oak.  To see it in real life is truly beyond words--  a Natural Original Cathedral.}  

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