Sunday, October 19, 2008

So Much To Share, So Much I Have Learned....

There has been a lot of travel in my seemingly small orbit these past few weeks--                                       
The Deepak Chopra lecture that my husband & I attended on 10/10/08, was definitely a lot of fun, plus eye opening thought, all within a couple of hours-- a renewed exposure to the world of positive thinking & it's connections to good health & world peace!  Any of the books written by him are definitely worth delving into-- life changing really.  Deepak has far reaching & innovative thoughts on good health & positive living.  He is after all one of the leaders in the--  "mind, body, spirit" connection in modern medicine-- the acquiring of & maintaining good health when one attains balance of these three elements. One cannot go wrong by taking him seriously, yet much to our surprise he has quite the sense of humor.  An extra ordinary man who humbly shares his gifts & wisdom, yet makes no bones about the fact that he is now a prosperous businessman who started out with only a mere $180.00 to his name.  A very real story that any one can relate or inspire to, if one is gifted enough to grow up in fertile ground.

We thank you Deepak Chopra for all that you've shared & inspiring us to live a healthier & peaceful life.  

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