Friday, October 24, 2008

As My Day Comes To an End, So Does The Week*

Busy, busy, some weeks more so than others.....

This week had a suitable pace my turtle essence for the most part was content, slow & steady: Visiting with our eldest son, daughter in law & grand children & catching up with good friends of ole with-- "A Night At The Opera", no Marx brothers in the movie we saw, it was instead-- "Salome".  My important tasks accomplished this week-- food shopping & doing my hair.  Yes these dry frizzy locks of mine, a major challenge, do require a regular dose of intensive care at times, just as making time for walking, either in our woods, or in our neighborhood.  Yet it is always the hair issue that reigns supreme.  I am now a chestnut brown, a bit darker than my usual color, but no major frizz for the time being which is at the top of the list of what's important for me in the hair care territory of my life for today.
 Contemplating the season as we near the end of October, which for my family is both beautiful & bittersweet, yet it is the beauty that lingers on every October.

Our orange tiger cat Cosmo has been ill for about a week, it seems there is a wound in one of her hind legs that apparently healed, but the toll of the injury has seemingly been too much for her, as she makes contact with us for fewer & fewer times--  yet sometimes surprises us & re emerges from the woods only to disappear again. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

The pictorial postings which will appear are of a mixed venue--  from an evening with our youngest son only last week at a Nature Preserve near Boston--  to a visit with our 25 year old son & our jaunt with him to the Swedish Hill Winery in the Finger Lakes Region of N.Y. , for some October harvest time wine tasting--  to my small yet important "Honey of a Project" compleated for the end of the week of-- "Sweet Tidings"--   being sent to my relatives across the country, [which should arrive by Monday October 27th] in hopes that this Jewish New Year of which we're into of just a few short weeks, continues to bring forth-- "Good Health & Happiness" & of course-- Shalom/Salam, Peace/Always to Everyone! 

{Our 4 year old grand daughter has spotted her pink beanie poodle on this blog.  How about you?}

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