Monday, October 6, 2008

A Moment Of Remembrance Before I Share The Photo Journal Of My Recent Weekend*

Just before the Jewish High Holidays were to begin the news came that Paul Newman had passed on.  All of us know that this great talent & a real "mench" of a human being had made this world a bit sunnier & brighter for many.  The most touching of course is The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp which is right up the road from us & was instrumental in sharing hope & comfort when a dear co worker's grand daughter was battling a form of bone cancer.  She was a teenager. Everyone who knew the family ached for them.  Not only did The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp provide some fun & relief during this gal's time battling this unrelenting form of cancer, but in the end it was the place where her family & friends gathered for a memorial service, as it was a special place.  Erin who lived to what I believe was 17 touched so many hearts.  Her ashes were spread at that lovely camp which offered so much hope, joy & relief to her & her family.  Even now so many years later when we travel up & down that familiar country road--  going here & going there, I am reminded of a beautiful Erin, her grand mother--the family & their courageous story, it's precious & it's timeless.  It connects us all.    

It seems I had purchased some of Newmans Own around the time of Paul's passing.  In all honesty I didn't even know at that time that he had passed on.  So in his memory & to continue to support all those heart felt projects that Newmans Own funds I will now use Newmans Own as a priority over another product continually.  The cost of what it provides is worth it.  

We'll miss you Paul, may you rest in peace.

{*mench is Yiddish for an upstanding man} 

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