Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Balance & Faith With Thoughts Of Beach Volleyball, Olympics 2008*

Balance & Faith With Thoughts Of Beach Volleyball

Faith is a personal time in our lives
and it takes courage to keep it alive.

Faith to not carry
a life of regret
Faith to live honest
our hardest quest yet

Faith to be gentle 
to others and self
Faith to know faith's worth
more than all wealth.

Faith to know horrors
we've lived from the past
Faith to know life is a 
most enriched plan

Faith takes us further
than rockets, or planes
Faith is a healer
that is our best gain.

Balance is stepping 
and feeling the ground
Balance is knowing 
and listening around

Balance is filtering
challenge of thought

Balance takes practice
in living what's taught.

Decades and decades 
I strive on this path

Decades and decades 
they zoom by me fast...

This is my journey
I take it with zest

I take it to learn more,
to answer my quest--

A veil that had covered our bodies at birth
often forgotten, 
now part of the earth

This veil protected and aided my life

I see it now clearly
amidst all the strife...

The sins of the parent, our mother's too
cannot always nurture
their striving young brew--

So people grow up
and at times feel undone,
yet figure it out
as best,  can,  be,  done.

The veil that protected
had covered full view
I see it more clearly
it answers a clue....

The question I ponder to answer this one,
How much of a life is owed to that one?

So pulling and grasping 
correcting my stand
it's balance of placement
a very tough hand--

So this is where faith will most guide me again
to know how to step past these mine fields,  Amen.

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