Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Why I Blog

Why I Blog

As Included from the side bar of about me.

     Sometimes we hear the tree in the forest when it falls, sometimes not… Life is a discovery process, & with it our mutual search for peace in our hearts, & in our world at large. Love & acceptance is the key.
     I am now a mother & a grandmother, but during my childhood’s generation many of us were given limited choices if we wanted any type of job outside the home. The word career was never mentioned. We were often told to become teachers, secretaries, waitresses, & nurses. I chose the later. It suited who I was, & as I delved into it year upon year I acquired knowledge & skills I never would have achieved in any other way, because the nursing profession provides unique human experiences which not only helps our patients to heal, but enriches the lives of our fellow/ fella nightingales too.  All of which further developed my desire for- peaceful solutions in all matters.
     The purpose of this blog is a hint of what all human beings desire whether verbalized or not… “The Peace Poles you find all over the world has this phrase posted on various sides written out in multiple languages-

“May Peace Prevail On Earth”,

of which we work for it’s possibility -
One Person, One Nation, at a time.

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