Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Books and Things

Books And Things 


     I can remember my first day of school, my first sleepover at a friend's & also the arrival of new siblings that became an integral part of our family. These are just a few life chapters that come to mind. One other that stands out is being given my very own brand new book when my father took me to the movie, Pinocchio. Never before had I experienced giant moving images in bright beautiful colors projected on a screen. The story of the elderly man who so earnestly wanted a little boy touched the heart of this 4 1/2 year old, & when his finely crafted puppet came to life the events that followed were spellbinding. At that time we were living in the Bronx & out on the street after the movie was a peddler with a cart selling souvenirs depicting the movie. My father who was also a kid at heart asked me what would I like? I immediately said a book for there in the man's cart among the hats & other memorabilia were a stack of Little Golden Books with a big picture of Pinocchio the star of the day on the cover! 

     Since that time the impulse to return home with a book remains, be it at an authors presentation, or other places that have the promise of a fine story. I especially enjoy finding that special volume when we are visiting a museum & the exhibit is just so wonderful that having the images on a page at home is far too tempting to resist. As my life has evolved chapter upon chapter remembering the various characters from books I've especially enjoyed & things I have learned, the wisdom that the various authors have shared are of course priceless & the reason books have become my enduring friends. 

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