Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Challenges We Face

     I've lived in the United States all my life and in my lifetime there has been no lack of wars or human rights violations. The recent presidential election speaks volumes to the values that have been voted in by our fellow citizens. I've promised myself that I will keep politics out of the Peace Garden, it is also important that I speak my truth. This recently elected U.S. president is the elephant in the room throughout the land. He is not supported from this end, but one of the joys that has come from this election is that we live in a town that did not vote him in. From time to time I will post entries that celebrate what various citizens are doing to wage peace against this outrageous man who's administration is daily hammering down the basic rights of individuals. 
     We are presently living through a time that can be compared to the McCarthy Era, which predated Nixon & the Viet Nam War. And now since that horrific war, it is time once again to stand up, speak up & raise our voices loud & clear in actions & deeds for human rights on our very own shores. 

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