Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Celebrating The Lessons Of Spring

Celebrating The Lessons Of Spring

     Spring is my fave time! Each year coming out of winter jubilation takes over with each wafting breeze!
     Our home is Southern New England where the winters can be harsh, & isolating too. This past winter offered a few storms but not enough to get snowed in. Some say it's due to global warming, only time will tell.
     I must confess this past season's been a really tough time of technological challenges. It's kept me off this computer & eventually off the blogger app on my phone too. A challenge sooo complicated it took three trips back, & forth to where I purchased this laptop which on the final visit took nearly two hours including a telephone call to Google which went no where to unravel a security issue that was locking me out, & sadly preventing me from returning to my own Peace Garden blog.
     Through it all I was horribly reminded of my own short comings, bringing back an unsettling disconnected feeling of my younger schoolgirl self with my struggles with math. It helped that I periodically mentioned this roadblock to understanding friends, & finally, finally so sick of hearing myself talk a week prior to spring I made myself call the Apple Store once again & finely calmly pursued the issue explaining a very convoluted problem.
~Am sooo very happy to finally be back, I've missed you all~!~

A sincere shoutout thanks to the Apple Store at Evergreen Walk in Connecticut. My appreciation is addressed to the following two special people who rescued me from a technological nightmare-
  Manager- Fred, & their most patient & wonderful Tech Lese who worked on this issue through thick & thin. 
~Thank you both~!


*Post Script, I've had some glitches getting back into the Peace Garden late this PM, but hopefully it will all level out. It really is a disorienting feeling when what you thought you knew how to do no longer works & the safety settings for your own security locks even your own self out. It really is #@*&*!!! , but we do persevere, & once again I'm back! And so very glad o be here~!!!

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