Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some Thoughts After The Storm On Our Local Town Government--

Well we weathered this recent Northeaster as per expected, yet with some surprises-- on my way to work that Monday morning of 3/2/09 at 6:40AM before I turned out onto our town's state's secondary road what do I see, but a lead footed driver who apparently, without much forethought & care, instead of taking a left handed turn of what they were signaling for with their SUV, instead due to extremely slippery conditions, the driver skids hundreds of yards across the secondary state road, way beyond the middle section [no middle line there as there was far too much compacted snow to show the dividing line].  Thankfully I maintained my "turtle-on-style" & was in no way in a rush to pull out in front of this or any driver on a road with these conditions, so very, very, thankful I was not in it's path.  For every decision we make in life there are consequences & reactions on our road in life to these decisions.  One thing leads to another & so on...  On our individual roads of life, our experiences become of course our individual stories, here's a recent chapter of just this week, my topic being-- "Local Town Government", oh boy, hold on to your hats!---

Local Town Government One Woman's Take  {March 8th is International Woman's Day}
{We all know--  "Our Town" & many of us grew up with the series "Payton Place", 
a TV series from the 1960's} 
So-- For the 21st Century let me introduce you to:

*Town Hall*

I am by nature as my husband has referred to me--"a crusader".  Not in the way of the true crusaders of times of ole, of marching over sections of a country, with a, my way or the highway type of philosophy, but I do, & have stood, & marched for Peace & Justice, this I will continue to do to protect our Democracy & Free Speech.  "Use it or loose it."--  This was taught way back in Nursing School almost 40 years ago, & though I am discussing an "idea" now, & not a physical concept of Nursing Arts & Sciences, I will apply this "use it or loose it" concept to my take on Democracy, why not?  For Democracy if one were to image, being of the people & by the people, & the freedom of speech which goes hand in hand with liberty, it is only viable if it is exercised, [it's that use of--   "use it or loose it", concept again] for if we tolerate doors to be closed in our faces, our freedom of opinions & speech to be stifled, then we all wither, & our garden is no more.  For without the "garden of ideas" which is part of  a healthy Democracy, we cannot provide substance to ourselves & others, & our thriving communities of humankind will therefore become no more.  Some times even small local governments amass pockets of power, insult their citizenry by their outrageous conduct in the name of an elected government position, by ranting & raving at town commission meetings in a bullying manner, as if the election to their given post gives them permission to be rude, crude & offencive, with no care that it's all being recorded in a style that Richard Nixon popularized  so.  A freedom of information, a right to know what is going on at a small town governmental meeting, that too is part of a healthy Democracy.  Life does imitate art, even at this level of small town government with  passion, sincerity, drama & a dose of self serving deceit-- it's all in the mix, & this is not even Chicago.

As time goes by I will continue to share my take on some rather colorfully illuminating experiences I & other good citizens have been forced to endure, due to an abuse of power, & the peoples right for just government.  Even though someone is elected as the result of a majority vote, that does not mean they are ethical & just. We have only to remember the people who were forced to ride on the back of a bus, due to a majority vote in their home towns.  True illumination takes time & action.  The truth does & will continue to set the minds of the people free, they only need to know-- "The truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth."  The challenge of course is immense for the keepers of the flame can only do it one lantern & one step at a time. 

{As I write this piece entitled Town Hall--  It is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places, & incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, & any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.}
 As I process these scenarios by creative inspiration & it is distilled I take on the role of the mere storyteller--  Like my Grandmother, & Great Great Uncle before me & now-- one woman's 21st view of what's been happening in one small Anytown, USA--working endlessly with others & holding the lantern of truth & hope to conserve a small beautiful town from the control of power hungry greed.  It will take some energy to do this, & I will try to convey these thoughts & ideas as best I can.}

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