Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some Days Are Rather Gray, I Think We've Tired Of Winter, As We've Been Told Of A Storm Warning For Tonight Into Monday, Time Will Tell--

As New Engenders go I think we're pretty sturdy & resilient, but for the most part I'm pretty certain when I say--"Bring on spring, enough already!"

Busy, busy bees we are during the week, & even on some weekends.  I think it's these gray shorter days that tend to tire us out a bit.  We may [?] or not [?] , go away for awhile, we haven't completely decided yet, as for my husband & I, we don't always want to do the same for an R&R in March.  I do know that getting away out of the daily routine does help a lot in beating the winter dulls.  There's a book I've been meaning to start, "Rashi's Daughter" by, Maggie Anton for our Sisterhood's Book Group, but I of course haven't started it yet.  I've been told it is excellent & am closer to giving it a go.

This morning I joined the children at our local Religious School downtown, we did a project for Purim of decorating masks.  It was satisfying & fun.  Kids do, do the best art!  So for now I'll close with wishing everyone a good week & I'll go through my eclectic photos & pick something out to share that's energetic & colorful.  

Peace be with you, & have a great week!

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