Monday, January 19, 2009

The View From Where We Stand On The Eve Of This Inauguration-- Martin Luther King Day 1/19/09 For January 20th, 2009 *

My husband is the true believer in this family, as he was the first one to promote & support Barack Obama for President.  In this spousal debate I am so happy to say I was wrong, & he was sooo very right, he even has an invitation to this Inauguration to prove it.   Thankfully our country has moved forward--  painfully slow, but onward we traveled.

Here we all are now in the 21st century, a new horizon is upon us.  We will meet our new challenges as we honor those who came before us--  Dr. Martin Luther King & all the other mindful people of a movement that influences our lives to this very day.  For our children & our grandchildren we will continue to continue, to work non violently for peace, justice & awareness.   

{My husband said he won't be attending the Inauguration tomorrow.  It is of course due to the crowds, we will instead view it from afar with a spirit of hopefulness & joy.}


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