Friday, September 26, 2008

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow*

I should be doing some housework, I was told-- just can't seem to bring myself to do it.  I did do some cooking these past 2 days on my days off from work--  chicken salad with toasted almonds, homemade tomato soup of the sun dried tomato variety, & even a broccoli dish to go with a roast for tonight, as long as I remember to pop it in the oven, being it's a Friday we have PBS all lined up with--  "The News Hour", "Greater Boston"--   with Emily Rooney, [ Andy's daughter], an excellent show. "The McLaughlin Group", or as my family would call them--"The Screamers", for sometimes they would get into it in a real hot & heavy way & Eleanor many a time would get ganged up on, [as she used to be the only woman on the show & it would almost sound as if she were shrieking], but no longer for now there's an additional gal, though she of course comes from a different point of view, which adds additional interest to the discussion.  The show-- "Now" a newer program which is still a 50/50 per my preference as it can sometimes drag a bit.  My favorite of all is-- "Bill Moyer's Journal", he's priceless & always tells it like it is.  I don't always stay in for all the Friday night PBS viewing as it can be a bit too much, sometimes I would be doing my walk or going to Sabbath services @ the congregation of which I belong.  I keep my Friday's varied, but tonight it's TV viewing for sure, with popcorn planned, as there's a good chance there will be a presidential debate, if McCain shows up that is. 

So until then it's a bit of -- "blog, blog, blog, blog, blog....  I will say it's been interesting, nothing but interesting.  Yesterday evening my husband, & some other members of the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council attended our first ever breaking of the fast, for the Holiday of Ramadan.  We were invited by a young couple who are of the Islam faith.  Various people from the community were invited to attend, some were the familiar faces of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit--  a teaching order of Nuns who are known world wide to have helped numerous children during the Holocaust in France.  What a pleasure & an honor to break a fast with so many who strive to do good works, for the ultimate of world peace.  All of us children of God, trying as best a we can.    

So with today being cloudy, rainy & gray & not only good for cooking, but for blogging too--  I bid you all "adieu" & hope you enjoy the following photos that I said I  would eventually post this week.  

Ahava, Shalom, Salam---    

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