Sunday, September 14, 2008

What's A Peace Pole?

"What's a Peace Pole?", my son asked.  Well there it is--- hand hued out of cedar with a copper cap. It has four sides & on each side will be a plaque attached that states hopes for peace in  the various languages of the peoples of the world.

This rather stately pole was hand made by my husband as a labor of love for the "United Nations International Day Of Peace" which will take place a week from today on September 21st at 2pm, Rotary Park, Putnam, Ct.           There will be music, prayers, drumming, & an art activity of decorating peace flags for children of all ages. 

Our Peace Pole will be dedicated on that day--  the first day of autumn on the banks of our beautiful Quinebaug River, one of the loveliest spots in Connecticut for sure! 

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