Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Answer To My Thoughts Have Been-- "Blowing In The Wind"

Yes, for sure, for sure-- it occurred just a few minutes ago--  I was standing by my window, gazing out, the same window that my children looked out on, the window that looks upon my garden with it's flowers & it's gentle views, & now for our grand children too-- truly one of my favorite perches here up on our slope.  The wind was blowing ever so rapidly, toss ling trees, gale forces at times, then of course abated just as rapidly--- these thoughts occurred & my questions were answered:

We, all of us, our species, all species-- creatures on earth, air & in water, all plants & living things past & present--  We are All part of a of a Higher Plan.  Not an original thought of course, for thoughts are never purely original.   I enjoyed the movement of watching those massive trees--  sway, dip, russle, tussle their branches & there it came--  a thought I didn't even know existed in my mind at that moment--- Yes we are part of a greater plan, those trees, they all have *roots, otherwise they would be crashing & falling quite rapidly.  It all in that moment came to me, call it evolution, call it science, call it whatever humankind chooses to call it, that is not the question-- what the wind told me in those brief seconds is something we've all intuitively known forever.  We are *all part of a plan that is ever greater than all the thinkers to ever be compiled.  We are & have always been part of the universe, including those galaxies-- far, far, away.  "Peace, Love & Understanding", is truly the key to continue-- we must never give up hope, for we can continue to-- heal the world.  & yes there are other worlds out there, our true test, is to see how we take care of this one--  A most delicate balance.   


* [russle is not a real word, but I chose to use it just the same]  Oye, now that's a word.

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