Thursday, July 23, 2015

Eye Catching Wheels

      My husband & I needed to drop my car off in Windham yesterday. It was timing belt time, & the time was right. After a good little diner at Cinco De Mayo on Main Street in Willimantic we were off to our food COOP downtown. Right next to where we were parked was the scene below. I've never seen so many bicycle wheels mish-mashed in the back of a truck. Ever. Which got me to talking to Ed Rivera who's the person you will see in today's entry.

Here's Ed-

I asked Ed if the bikes in the back of his truck are to be restored. His answer was yes. He continued to tell me about the Little Angels Program

The Little Angels Program is a nonprofit that serves the children of Willimantic, Ct. 
And now that we all know about them they're on our radar. Such an excellent cause~xo!

For many of us growing up all we wanted to do was to~

ride, ride, ride, ride
~each & every day~!


Above penciled doodle done by my husband SMC.

[Yup, really nice job.]

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