Monday, August 11, 2014

A Summertime Bloom


     Good evening Peace Garden friends~!

  Tonight marks the beginning of a new family chapter for us.  Just several days ago our son M was officialy welcomed into the medical school program that begun today.  So many items are now on his to do list.  When I saw three handwritten pages of it all I could say to myself was "oh my"! 
     We the parents along with family and friends line ourselves along the road helping from the sidelines with moral support.  It is of course his journey, his life decision. Our son M for all the time we've known him has never opted for the easy route. Time and time again he continues to choose the challenging challenges. We will all learn from the sidelines what it is our son chooses to share with us, meanwhile we too shall continue to grow.
      Letting go is a lifetime lesson, as is the quest for knowledge.  Yes it all is a beautiful thing.


The above photo was taken during a morning walk in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington DC.

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