Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Early Springtime During This Passover & Easter Season

In time the waters most likely will cover the earth once again. Until then some of us will continue to hug the shore, yet also scan the horizons sky. None of us will ever know what is? Not yet, as that is the way of the world, & what's meant to be, will of course be.

Springtime since early childhood has always been a favorite season of mine. Not too hot, & not too cold. A Goldilocks kind of time. What's not to love... Even as we fathom through the confusion of an other's discombobulated situation, still, in the process, we are all, living a life. Nothing ventured, nothing gained still rings true on a planet old enough to be our mother. Yes Mother Earth, loved you from the start, & to the very end of time enables us to once again consider planning for a future harvest, adding to our lives the opportunity of life sustaining possibilities.

It is during this time of year when seeds spring~forth, enabling us once again to consider planning for a future harvest, with life's renewing greens. At this season I long to return to the mountains, to see the peaks once again touching the sky with all their vastness reminding me that so much remains magnificent, & can never be duplicated by humankind, only appreciated.

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