Wednesday, March 19, 2008

*The Five Year Anniversary Of This Iraq War*

On this special day my comments are brief yet consistent:  I will forever believe that human beings have choices-- kindness over evil, truth over lies.  When I was a young nursing student at Hartford Hospital in the late 1960's one of the formulas that was taught to us in a Pharmacology course in order to come up with a correct medication dose was the formula of-- desire over have [noted as d/h].  It has now been decades since I've worked in any hospital setting & have not needed to access the hows of this formulation. It has always been said in the Nursing Profession-"You loose what you don't use.", nonetheless I do put to use aspects of that formula when problem solving on a much different level.  For today the topic is timeless-- "War & Peace", a topic far older than any of us on this planet.  We desire peace & we have the ability to make this happen. 

Human beings will forever desire & yearn for peace, that is our purest & most natural state.  At this time in history may the families, friends & loved ones of the dearly departed we honor & remember today-- find comfort & peace in knowing that the people of this United States of America will forever hold their loved ones in a very special place of honor, respect & love.  


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